Arden Park hams

I got my amateur radio (“ham”) license last week, but I haven’t posted my callsign very widely because I applied for a [vanity callsign]( as soon as I got my license. (It isn’t possible to apply for a vanity call until one has been granted a license.) It usually takes 18-20 calendar days for a vanity callsign to be granted, so I expect to announce my new call on March 17.

I’m interested in finding other local hams, so I visited []( and pulled up “my” grid square, CM98ho. The grid doesn’t quite line up with my neighborhood boundaries, so I also needed to look at grid CM98hn for the southern section. The map shows about 20 markers (which may represent more than one person) in Arden Park:

* [N6YIP](
* [N6PIW](
* [W6PKU](
* [K6BRS](
* [KC6MCM](
* [KE6KCL](
* [KC6VQT](
* [N6VHE](
* [KG6LRX](
* [N6GNI](
* [WA6VYC](
* [WA6IUK](
* [KG6PVF](
* [N6RHC](
* [KB6UPS](
* [WD6DZR](
* [KG6UGJ](
* [KG6DJ](
* and myself.

To get to QRZ’s gridmap display, go to [QRZ’s search page](, enter “grid: CM98ho”, then click on one of the listed callsigns. If that person hasn’t restricted their information, click on the green bar that says “click for more detail”. A map will appear on the right. Click on the “Explore on GridMap” link below the map.

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One Response to Arden Park hams

  1. Jim says:

    Boo! The QRZ site no longer displaying maps for grid searches. It just outputs a list of everybody in the grid, which is much larger than my neighborhood.

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