Quilt shop update

About seven months ago, we got a notice from Sacramento County about our expired permit for the quilt shop. We renewed the permit (to avoid ever-increasing penalties), and now we’re just days away from having to call for an inspection or have the permit lapse again. Looks like it’s high time for me to get busy on the wiring and lights in the shop!

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  1. Jim says:

    Two weeks ago I scheduled our electrical inspection and took a day off from work so I could be there. Got a call at about 10:00 that morning telling me that there were too many inspections that day and they wanted to reschedule for the following day. I explained that I had to work the following day, suggested they reschedule a week out. Got home from work the next day and found a hang-tag on our door stating we had failed inspection because nobody was home. Sigh…

    The good news is, there was no re-inspection charge, and it reset our “clock” so we have another six months on our permit.

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