Daily Archives: 2005-08-06

New game at home, “Candamir”

Last week I picked up a new game, Candamir: The First Settlers. I’ve played it a few times so far, and it’s pretty good. I thought I would share some analysis I’ve done on the tiles and movement cards.

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Crock pot BBQ’d beef

My wife got this great, easy recipe for BBQ’d beef from Judy Shields, one of her co-workers. Ingredients: – 2.5 lb beef roast (a pot roast worked very well for us) – 12 oz bottle of beer – 1/2 onion, … Continue reading

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My BoardGameGeek profile is active again!

I registered a profile on BoardGameGeek (BGG) back in February of 2004. At the time, I was using a dial-up connection which was only reaching about 30 kbit/s. This proved to be painfully slow for the BGG site, particularly when … Continue reading

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