Is the Bee trying to sweep the Downing Street Memo under the rug?

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Our local paper, the Sacramento Bee, may be doing its best to bury the Downing Street Memo (DSM) story by giving it cursory coverage. One may ask how I can possibly make this claim, considering that the “Bee” is supposedly a liberal newspaper. My evidence:

  1. This editorial, published last Sunday, 2005-06-19, does all that it can to sweep the DSM story from the public eye.
  2. Two days later the Bee published these letters to the editor, all but one of them reprimanding the Bee for this slighty editorial and trying to contain the DSM firestorm.

Think about this–two days. There is no mail on Sunday, so all these letters where either emailed or posted and delivered on Monday in order to be printed on Tuesday morning. Typically the Bee will only publish letters to the editor on a given topic ONCE, so the letters that appeared on Tuesday are likely to be the only ones that will ever see the light of day. I believe that the only way the Bee will publish more on this topic is if they are inundated with letters about the DSM and the Bee’s slipshod coverage of it.

So Sacramento… Start writing!

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