Using WordPress tags? Don’t forget to re-apply the tags patch!

Thanks to Joseph and my blogroll, I saw the WordPress security update. I forgot to re-apply the tags patch from Felix Wong’s tags plugin the first time through. Doh! Thanks for posting this, Joseph.

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5 Responses to Using WordPress tags? Don’t forget to re-apply the tags patch!

  1. jim wilde says:


    Sorry to bother you, but the comments on the developers site were not helpful. I just started with wp. I’m trying to install the tags plugin. Do I need to change the theme (connections) to use tags?



  2. jim says:

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, you need to tweak your theme. It can be a bit of a pain, depending on what theme you’re running. Basically what I did was rip out the category code from J-blue and bolted in the code to list the 12 most-posted tags.

    What theme are you thinking of using?


  3. jim wilde says:


    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m using connections.


  4. jim says:

    I wasn’t familiar with this theme off the top of my head. I checked out the Connections page, and it doesn’t look as if the front page would be too hard to convert to tags. Here’s what I did to use tags in place of categories with Mike Little’s Journalized-Blue theme:

    1. Figure out which PHP file does the category listing. Go to wp-content/themes/{your_theme_directory} and search all the PHP files for “Categories”.
    2. Edit that file and find the code that does the category listing. Most likely this is done by a call to list_cats(). Figure out where the category listing starts and ends, semantically. For example, there may be “div” tags bracketing the category listing.
    3. I copy-and-pasted the entire category code into an IF-THEN-ELSE block, like so: IF (test) THEN list-categories ELSE list-categories. (I realize that this is pointless to have identical code in both the THEN and ELSE blocks. Bear with me.)
    4. Now for the conditional of the IF, use: if (function_exists(‘list_tags’))
    5. Finally, edit the THEN block and change the category listing code to list tags instead. I think all I had to do was change the “Categories” header to “Tags”, and substitute “list_tags()” for “list_cats()”.

    Hope this helps. If not, leave me another comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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