Carpet on the walls?!?

Remodel journal 2005-06-11: I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes–somebody actually put carpet on the wall of this house!

floor-to-ceiling carpet

It looked a little weird, (although we were getting used to it), but the real problem was that the previous owner(s) smoked–apparently quite a bit. This stuff reeked, so it had to go.

Carpet coming down

There’s some rustic paneling underneath, but it kind of clashes with the painted brick fireplace. None of which really matters, since the paneling will be removed when we remodel. We plan on sheetrocking the walls and installing built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace.

Uncovered wall

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One Response to Carpet on the walls?!?

  1. John says:

    I was searching images ‘carpet walls’ and found your pictures. The idea has long struck me as being a viable way to deaden sound in my house designs, which are typically characterised by large windows, hard floor surfaces and HEAPS OF AMBIENT NOISE.

    In our mild climate heavy curtains and other useful sound deadeners have given way to higher performance window glazing and just light blinds for privacy. Australian living spaces are starting to sound like bathrooms without any towels – just too darn reflective.

    I get your point about your carpet having belonged to a heavy smoker – ouch.

    I hope the rest of the project went well – I won’t pry by reading any further.


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