Mike Comfort’s album, “Free”

CD cover, 'Free'

A couple of weeks ago, I read about Mike Comfort’s CD, titled “Free”, and ordered it. I received the CD yesterday and have been listening to it ever since. I’m happy to support a local (Chico, Calif.) artist, especially since his music is good. I have some more links in my earlier post for things like sample tracks.

I’ve got the whole album on my iPod right now, but the tracks that will stay on it are:

  1. “In My Eyes” (listen online)
  2. “Another Side”
  3. “Free”, the title track (listen online)
  4. “The Toast”

The guitar work and lyrics on “Beautiful” remind me of Jim Croce. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what I’m in the mood for right now.

“Hit the Floor” has a lot of energy, but it almost sounds like something I’d hear in the soundtrack of one of my teenage daughters’ movies. If I can get over that mental association, I think I’ll really like this track.

The final track, “Someday + Hidden Track”, is a bit weird–It seems to be two separate songs glommed together into a single track. The songs are pretty different, so I’m not sure why this was done. I really like the first half, while the second half is jarringly different, so I’ll see if I can split this into separate tracks in iTunes. If I can pull that off, then there’ll be one more track living on my iPod.

Out of 14 (or 15) songs on this album, I didn’t find any that I disliked–every track was worth listening to, and I found 1/3 of them worthy of living on my iPod. There aren’t many artists that have such a high percentage of “keepers”. You’ve done well, Mike!

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