Hey, Van Zant, watch out for the clue stick!

In an earlier post I lamented the fact that Van Zant was becoming a poster child for some of the most abusive DRM practices to date. In the few days since I posted the Get Right With Your Man rootkitalbum review statistics, they have gotten even worse — 51 more reviews, all but 3 of them rated 1-star (the lowest rating):
5 stars: 18 / 249 (7%)
4 stars: 2 / 249 (1%)
3 stars: 2 / 249 (1%)
2 stars: 5 / 249 (2%)
1 star: 222 / 249 (89%)

I encouraged the band to make a statement denouncing Sony’s rootkit. I found a couple of things on the band’s website. Here’s one from VZ’s management:
The management for Van Zant is continuing to gather more facts concerning this and will be posting these links and other details on the website once they get in all the facts surrounding this issue.
I wonder how many facts they feel are needed before they ditch the weasel words and make a clear statement?

Here’s Donnie Van Zant on DRM:
“Look, what we do is write music; we make music,” said Donnie Van Zant, who like most artists had no had no idea what sort of security features, if any, his label would place on the album. “I really don’t even know what D.R.M. means, to be honest with you.”
Well, Donnie, you may be only a musician, but you’re recording label is tarnishing your reputation. You’d better get wise to DRM, especially Sony’s crappy implementation. Make a stand for your fans, quick, because that whoosing sound you hear behind you is the clue stick swinging for the back of your head!

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