CSUS Bulletin article on University Village

I dug up a bit more on the CSUS “housing village” project in the Oct. 24 CSUS Bulletin: University Village planning. Be sure to check out the concept plan — I found the text on the plan difficult to read, but well worth the effort!
Plans could also include a University House which could be used as a banquet and meeting space and possibly a residence.[B]
The size of the University House isn’t given, but appears to be approximately 6,000 square feet (each floor). The plan shows “first story entertainment, second story residence.”[P] Gee, I wonder whose residence that might be?President Alexander Gonzalez

According to the Bulletin article, “…priority will probably go to faculty first because faculty are recruited nationally and internationally and therefore are more likely to be deterred when they see Sacramento Region housing prices.” Looks like the staff members’ comments on my earlier post are partially correct, partly not: staff won’t be priced out of University Village, they’ll be excluded due to their occupations! Granted, that is the worst possible interpretation of the Bulletin text. Hopefully there’ll be some reasonable balance between faculty and staff (including CSUS Foundation staff)!

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