I seem to be making a lot of bicycle-related posts lately, so I guess it’s time for another hobby entry.

I got my first bike, a Schwinn Stingray, for my 7th birthday and I’ve been riding ever since. In fact, I didn’t even own a motor vehicle until I graduated from college and got a professional job at the age of 24. At that point, bicycling went from a necessity to a pastime. That was nearly 20 years ago, and I’ve found that the sedentary lifestyle doesn’t suit me. In May 2005 I was finally able to move close enough to my job to allow me to commute by bike, although it wasn’t until January 2006 that I got to the point that I was bicycling to work more often than not.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been looking at Sacramento-area bicycling clubs. I’ll do a post some other time showing all the clubs I found, but the club I decided to join was the Sacramento Bike Hikers. They seem to have a lot of organized rides starting near my house, so that tipped the balance heavily in their favor.

One of my co-workers introduced me to BikeJournal, a world-wide online cycling community. Sadly you can’t really explore the site until you register, but a few days ago I wrote a post about BikeJournal and included some links (no registration required!) demonstrating the site.

Between the online- and meatspace communities that I’ve joined, I managed to find a few commuting buddies over the past two weeks. We had some pretty nice cycling weather in Sacramento last month, but March is off to a nasty start. Hopefully the rain will clear up soon and I’ll be able to return to commuting by bike!

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I'm a bit of a Renaissance man, with far too many hobbies for my free time! But more important than any hobby is my family. My proudest accomplishment has been raising some great kids! And somehow convincing my wife to put up with me since 1988. ;)
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