Cat Eye headlight for Soma coffee cup holder

Grrr! Soma’s “Morning Rush” coffee cup holder uses a Cat Eye H-27 bracket, which (of course) is not the same bracket that came with my HL-350 headlight, which is the only Cat Eye headlight stocked by my LBS (Peak Adventures). So I searched the Cat Eye catalog for headlights that use the H-27 bracket (part #533-8591). A Google search for 533-8591 returns 3 matching items:

  • NC260/250 (special external battery, looks expensive);
  • Stadium 3 (same problem as above);
  • HL-500II (which is in fact mentioned on the Morning Rush page).

Peak Adventures is willing to special-order the light for me, but I found it in stock at City Bicycle Works (mid-town store) so I’ll just pick it up there.

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