My introduction to “Discworld”

I finished reading Monstrous Regiment last night, after starting it on Saturday evening. It took me about 10-20 pages to get hooked on this story, and quite a few more for me to figure out what was going on. (Is this a fantasy novel? Science Fiction? Some weird alternate fantastic history?)

This was my first experience with the Discworld setting, and I think it would have been helpful for me to have some background before reading this book. As it was, I enjoyed it enough to go hunting for more Discworld novels — it turns out there are plenty to choose from! Terry Pratchett has been working on this series since 1983, so I guess that’s no surprise.

Now I’ll have to peruse the list of Discworld novels and figure out what to read next. I’ll probably go back and read some of the early books, just to get a feel for this universe.

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2 Responses to My introduction to “Discworld”

  1. Ronen V says:

    Seriously, I am amazed that you would want to read any others books in the series after starting with Monsterous Regiment.

    It is THE worst book in the series. I should know, I have read every last single one of them.

    I have made a list of my favorites (as well favorite quotes and such) on my Discworld blog. My favorites include:
    Small Gods
    The Light Fantastic

    Check it out:

    I envy you – you have all the good books in the series still ahead of you.

  2. jim says:

    I’ve now read the first dozen or so, as well as Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal. (Two of the most recent Discworld books, both of which I quite enjoyed.)

    I have to agree with you on Guards! Guards! and The Light Fantastic, both were extremely good! I haven’t read Small Gods yet, but it’s on my “To be read” pile, and I’m looking forward to it.

    Between my older daughter and I, we own about half of the books in the series at this time, and only one of them has failed to completely engage me. I’d like to go back an re-read all the books before I talk any smack about the one that didn’t thrill me, but I will say that it wasn’t Monstrous Regiment. To each his own.

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