Cool BoardGameGeek widget!

I just stumbled across a way-cool widget over on [BoardGameGeek][].
It’s a javascript widget that (in this case) displays the last five games I played:


The “games played” list is from the BGG database, which I often forget to update.
But this widget is just the sort of thing that will help remind me to log all the games I play.

(Oops! I forgot to link to the widget generator.)
If you’re a BGG user, check out the [GeekWidget generator][]. (And if you’re a boardgamer but *not* a BGG user, go ahead and register!)

[GeekWidget generator]:

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  1. jim says:

    Hmmm, after seeing this widget in action, it occurs to me that I should look into rolling a WordPress plugin to do this. That way, I could stick the “recent games played” into the sidebar (or wherever).

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