Rain and remodeling

Well, it’s been raining on and off since yesterday evening. Our lumber package (or at least a sizable chunk of it) arrived yesterday morning, and the framer was on-site putting the [sill plate][] on the addition, but it’s too wet for him to work on our project today. 🙁 Fortunately our phone/internet conduit was installed yesterday and the utility trench has been filled in, so we won’t have to worry about water in the trench at least. The crew also used the backhoe to level out the site, more or less.

The focus right now is getting rid of the overhead electrical feed, since it’s currently hanging in the way of both of our new roof lines. The electrician is out today running wire from our existing electrical panel to the location of the about-to-be-installed panel. We still need to build the two walls upon which the main panel and sub-panel will be installed, in Barb’s quilt shop and the addition respectively. But before we build the wall for the sub-panel we will have to build at least part of the floor. (The addition has a crawlspace/stemwall foundation like the rest of the house.) Once that’s all done, we’ll have [SMUD][] come out and drop the overhead power, then pull our power lines through the underground conduits.

[sill plate]: http://en.mimi.hu/home/sill_plate.html
[SMUD]: http://smud.org/

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