Weekend remodel progress

Another weekend gone, and we’re a bit closer to a finished house although we *appear* to be going backwards!

100_0774.JPG 100_0810.JPG 100_0821.JPG

We took down most of the garage roof this weekend, which was considerably more difficult than the main roof of the house where we had ceiling rafters to stand upon. For the garage nearly every cut had to be made from the top of a ladder. To make matters worse, we are storing lots of building material, tools, etc. in the garage, so just moving a ladder around is a major chore.

From the final picture you can see that we have a few rafters still in place. Most of these make up the wall separating the house from the garage, so at least there’s a place to stand while working on them! We should be able to take the rest of these down tonight, if the roofing crew doesn’t take care of it for us today.

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