Weekend remodel chores

Well, we got most of our [remodeling chores](http://sonicchicken.net/blog/wordpress/2007/06/15/fathers-day-2007/) done this weekend. The range hood is here, the shower/tub wall is fixed. The gables on the quilt shop are almost done–we’ve left a 4-foot section in the middle of each gable, but the vents haven’t been framed so we’re stuck waiting for that.


All the wall sheathing has been nailed up except for one narrow piece (about 15″), plus I have to go back and fix about a half-dozen “shiners”, (nails that missed the underlying framing). And Barb got all the shingle siding off the wall that we’re going to demolish in about two weeks, although we still have quite a few shingles on the east (garage) side and some on the west side of the house that can come down now. The only item we didn’t touch at all was picking up a new water heater.

Last week the framing crew got started on the gable over our front porch. I’m really looking forward to this, I think it’ll look great!


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