Quilt shop entering the home stretch!

Barb’s quilt shop is just about to enter the “home stretch”. We met with the GC last night and decided it was time to push hard on this aspect of the project because:

1. The quilt shop is a separate permit from the main structure, so we can schedule inspections for it separately;
1. There is no discount on the roofing or the drywall if we have those crews come out and do both the house and the shop as a single job;
1. I can’t possibly do all the electrical work for the house and the shop at one time, but the quilt shop by itself is a manageable piece;
1. It’d be helpful to get the quilt shop finished, because we’d be able to move some weather-sensitive things out of the house and into the shop *before* we demolish the back of the house and open it up to the elements.

With that decided, we’ll hopefully get the exterior inspections (roof diaphragm and shear wall) done tomorrow so that we can get the roofers out here ASAP.

Just for future reference, I’ve got a couple of pictures of the interior as of today:

100_1035.JPG 100_1036.JPG

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One Response to Quilt shop entering the home stretch!

  1. Jim says:

    We’re going to have to wait on the roof for the quilt shop. 🙁 It turns out that the roofing supply company will only deliver “to the roof” if you have a minimum order, which we qualify for on the main house but not on the shop by itself. So we’ll wait until the main house is ready for roofing before we begin the roof on the quilt shop.

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