Roof inspection

We just passed our roof diaphragm & shear wall inspection–woo hoo! Next up we’ve got to schedule a whole bunch of jobs:

1. We need to paint the barge rafters before the shingles are installed over the gable edges of the roof.
1. (Roofer) Flashing for [our chimney](
1. (Plumber) Roof penetrations for vent stacks in kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.
1. (HVAC) Roof penetrations for laundry room and bathrooms (2) exhaust fans, and the kitchen hood.
1. Gutters have to be fabricated and installed. (Downspouts won’t be installed until after stucco.)

We’ve contacted all of the tradesmen and most of this work should be completed by next Tuesday. The roofer might be able to start on Tuesday, and hopefully we’ll have a finished roof by the end of next week.

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