Markdown formatting broken

Pair upgraded our web server last night, and in spite of all the work I did to get the blog software updated in advance, it still got broken. All of my Markdown-formatted posts are displaying the following message:

Warning: preg_replace_callback() [function.preg-replace-callback]: Unknown modifier ‘|’ in /usr/www/users/vanderve/ Folder/text-control/markdown.php on line 766

The old server was running a modified version of FreeBSD 4.8 and PHP 4. The new server is FreeBSD 6.2-based and running PHP 5. I’m guessing that the upgraded PHP and something in WordPress 2.2 aren’t getting along…

Update: Disabling the Text Control plugin (which I’m using to provide Markdown support on a per-post basis) takes care of the nasty error message above, so at least my Markdown posts are showing up. And fortunately bare Markdown is relatively easy to read.

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  1. Jim says:

    Problem solved! Thanks to [Warpspire for documenting the simple solution]( I grabbed the [latest markdown.php]( and updated in two places:

    wp-content/plugins/text-control Folder/text-control

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