Jar of Nutella

We went looking for a source for Nutella here in Sacramento last week. Neither Barb nor I had seen it in “regular” grocery stores, so we checked all the specialty (read “expensive”) stores: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc. Barb finally found it at Corti Bros., but of course it was a bit pricey–about $4 for a 13 oz jar.

I did a web search for “nutella sacramento” and stumbled across a post on BeckyJSacto’s blog. (She’s got a lot of good suggestions in that article as well as others on her blog–check her out!) She told us to check the peanut butter section at Raley’s: lo and behold, there it was, and about $.30 cheaper than Corti’s.

But I found the ultimate deal last night. CostCo is selling a 2-pack of monster jars (750 g, just over twice the size of the regular jars) for about $8. That works out to less than $2 per (13 oz.) jar. w00t!

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