39 days til Thanksgiving

Barb took a couple of well-earned days off from our remodel and went to the [Pacific International Quilt Festival](http://www.quiltfest.com/activities.asp?id=7) with my mom on Friday and Saturday. But I wasn’t working alone–J and Andre did a bunch of work for me on Saturday. Major accomplishments were framing the old doorway in the kitchen and sheathing the west gable, which is generally the windward side of the house so the place has been a bit warmer. They also framed the attic access in the garage. While they were framing, I got started on the kitchen wiring.

Barb got back on Saturday night, and she and I worked all day on Sunday. Barb (with some help) pulled the old window air conditioner out of the wall in the front room, then framed in the hole left by the A/C, insulated and sheathed it. She also got most of our crawlspace vent covers nailed in place. Meanwhile I got most of the kitchen wiring done.

The original west wall will be insulated tomorrow, and Barb and I will sheath the wall in the evening. (It’ll be nice having the drywall covered again, now that the rainy season is here!) Andre and J are supposed to be back on Tuesday or Wednesday (or both) depending on the weather. I need to finish wiring the front porch so they can sheath that gable, so I guess that’s my other priority for Monday night. *Lots* to do this week if we are going to try for our framing inspection, so it may be time for me to take some more time off from my day job…

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  1. amy says:

    I like yr blog- I am too living in ruins 🙂

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