Stucco scratch coat

It’s sure handy being one of the few people building or remodeling a home at this point. I called Jack, our stucco subcontractor, yesterday afternoon to see if they could put the first coat on the house now, seeing as we didn’t have the shop ready yet. Jack: “No problem. Is the drywall done?” Well, they’re still taping and texturing, but the drywall is up and they’re done hammering if that’s what you’re asking. “Okay, I’ll have a crew out tomorrow morning!” Uh, Jack? We have a whole bunch of stuff right next to the house. Maybe you can give us a few days to move everything? Jack: “Don’t worry about that, the crew will move it for you.” Wow! About 8-10 people showed up this morning at 07:00, and the scratch coat was done before I came home for lunch at 12:45, less than 24 hours after I called.


We’ll have to wet down the stucco a few times per day while it’s curing, especially on the south side of the house:


Barb has Friday off, so we’ll probably call for our stucco scratch inspection that day.

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