Another inspection, more drywall work

We have another inspection(s) today–gas pressure test and stucco scratch. The stucco inspection is no big deal, the inspector just walks around looks at the exterior of the house. The gas pressure test is kind of a drag, though. We had to disconnect *all* of the gas appliances, so we had no heat, no hot water, and no stove today. Fortunately our GC sent a couple of guys over this morning after we had all gotten ready for work/school, and they capped off all the appliance lines. Once the inspector shows up, Barb will call the GC and have them reconnect everything relatively quickly.

Our drywall crew has been working all week on taping and topping the wall board. The seams were all taped the first day (Monday), and they’ve been feathering out the seams and all the patches that were done in the old plaster. It’s been kind of frustrating for us, because there’s not much we can do right now. We’re just waiting for drywall compound to cure; meanwhile, we’re itching to start painting.

Update 2007-11-10 00:23 — I just heard from Barb: we passed all of our inspections. (I had forgotten about the drywall shear inspection in the list above.) As far as I know, the next one (on the addition/remodel) is **final inspection**!

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