After nearly seven months of construction, we’re finally starting to paint! The garage, which required the least drywall compound, is ready for painting. Because this is all fresh drywall, we’re putting on two coats of primer–the first one basically seals the drywall, while the second coat actually primes the wall for the color coat. Even though it’s not quite a two-car garage, it’s going to take a fair bit of paint because we have 9′ high walls *plus* the ceiling. Barb picked up the primer(s) and the color paint this afternoon, and she has already started painting. I’ll be joining her as soon as I finish posting this, and Punk is coming over after work to lend her expertise as well.

We’ll get some more painting done over the weekend. According to our drywaller, the texture on the laundry/utility room and the new bathroom should be cured and ready for paint by Sunday morning, possibly even Saturday afternoon. He’d like us to paint those rooms so he can compare his texture to the 60 year-old texture on the plaster. I think we’re going to put more effort into the utility room, since we’d *really* like to get the washer and dryer back into operation! (Laundromats are definitely sucking!)

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