Delicious Library and boardgames

I’ve been using Delicious Library to catalog our DVD’s, CD’s, and books for almost two years. It’s great for keeping track of your library, especially if you loan your books and such out to your friends–just drag the item being loaned onto the person to whom it’s being loaned.

DL will also keep track of video games, which doesn’t do me a lot of good since I don’t own any. But I do have a modest collection of boardgames that I’d like to catalog (and track!) in DL. I sent this feature request to Wil Shipley soon after I started using DL. Lo and behold, this morning I read the following (from “Transitions and Epiphanies”, about 1/3 of the way down):

…I start asking if the world even needs an app that catalogs books and DVDs
and now boardgames when we could all be under five feet of water in a few years.

(Emphasis added.)

I’m running the current version (1.6.6) of DL, and there’s nothing to support boardgames in there, so I think this is a new feature being added to the upcoming version 2. I’m firing off an email to Wil begging to beta test the new version.

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