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Final inspection is tomorrow! Our attic fans are both permanently installed, and the attic is relatively comfortable except from late afternoon until nightfall.

The whole-house fan is wired, tested and operational. Our new fan is a 2-speed unit, whereas our old one had three speeds. We rarely used the medium speed on our old fan, so I guess this isn’t a great loss. The new fan seems quieter on the high speed but a bit noisier on low speed, compared to the old fan. (A net “win” I think, since only the high speed was ever much of an annoyance.)

I got the kids’ closet lights installed and managed to slice up my hands pretty well. (These are surface-mount fluorescent fixtures, lots of sharp metal edges.) I’m glad that I had the foresight to put 2×4’s in the closet headers where the fixtures get screwed to the wall. No drywall anchors–they’re screwed straight into cripple studs, so the fixtures are rock solid!

The required smoke alarms are installed. I have two more that I’m going to install, but they’re not required for inspection so they go to the bottom of the list.

I’ve got to go to work today, but I’m off tomorrow for the inspection. I still have a few things to do tonight and/or tomorrow morning:

* Clean up the light- and switch wiring for the attic lights.
* Wire and install ceiling light in entry.
* Run power to the smoke alarm network. Install two “extra” smoke alarms, time permitting.

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