“Final” inspection today

We have our “final” inspection on the house/addition today. I don’t expect that we’ll pass on the first try, since nobody else I know has been able to pull that off. The final inspection punch list is empty for now, but Chris (our inspector) will probably give me a list of things to fix once he’s had a look around.

I still have some non-inspection work to do–things like door- and window trim, telephone/network wiring, hanging some (plug-in) fluorescent lights in the garage, etc. I also want to install two “extra” smoke alarms in the front rooms of the house. These aren’t required, but it just seems sensible to have these in every room, (except places where they’ll be sounding false alarms–the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room). The wiring is installed for these, and I have the smoke alarms, but I can’t find their wiring harnesses or mounting rings. :\

Sadly, I’m probably going to have to stop working on the house for a while. Our permit for Barb’s quilt shop will expire in mid-June, unless I can get it inspected before that time. There’s not a *whole* lot of work left to be done before the next inspection (rough frame and electrical):

* Stucco/siding transitions (east and west sides)
* Rough-in exterior lights (6)
* Re-flash windows
* (McCann) Exterior lath, stucco prep
* Fix bowed stud on south side of building
* House wrap south side of building
* Rough-in spotlights for design wall
* Rough-in ceiling lights (T8 fluorescent tubes), switches (2 banks, 3-way switches)
* Rough-in wall outlets (5, including two 4plex)
* Rough-in ceiling fans (2)
* Compressor closet: outlet (dedicated), overhead light, switch
* Compressor plumbing

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