FreeBSD openssl-stable broken

While upgrading some software on one of our [FreeBSD][] servers at work, I ran into the following problem with openssl-stable:

# cd /usr/ports/security/openssl-stable
# make clean
===> Cleaning for openssl-stable-0.9.7m
# make
===> Extracting for openssl-stable-0.9.7m
=> No MD5 checksum recorded for openssl-0.9.7m.tar.gz.
=> No SHA256 checksum recorded for openssl-0.9.7m.tar.gz.
=> No suitable checksum found for openssl-0.9.7m.tar.gz.
*** Error code 1
Stop in /usr/ports/security/openssl-stable.

The problem is caused by a [recent change in openssl][1] which deleted the checksum information for the stable version (0.9.7m) of openssl. The fix is pretty simple: just restore the checksum info for 0.9.7m to /usr/ports/security/openssl/distinfo. I’ve submitted [a PR][2] to the project which contains [a patch file][3] for folks who’d rather use patch(1) than copy-pasting three lines of text. 😉

[2]: “PR for openssl-stable”
[3]: “Patch file to restore checksum info for openssl-0.9.7m”

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