Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been four long years since we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for our extended family. This is the first time we’ve been able to do so since we moved up to Sacramento, and we’re pulling out all the stops to make up for it! We’re having about 30 people over, so the house will be pleasantly full. (I designed our addition to accommodate about 50 people for dinner.)

Packed frig

Usually everybody brings a dish to share, but contrary to tradition we’re preparing almost all the food this year. The biggest problem so far has been refrigerator space. The menu for this year is fairly typical for our family:


– Cheese
– Baked brie
– Olives
– Stuffed celery
– Pickles
– Artichoke dip
– [Deviled eggs][]
– Poppy seed rolls
– Samosas and chutney (Aditi is bringing this)

The meal

– [Cider baked ham][]
– Roast turkey
– [Cornbread stuffing][stuffing]
– Mashed potatoes
– Gravy
– Vichy carrots
– Cranberry sauce
– “Awesome strawberry stuff”
– Sweet potato casserole
– Candied yams
– Green bean casserole (Jeremy & Ducky)


– Pecan pie
– Butternut squash pie
– Pumpkin pie
– Apple pies (Patricia)
– Mincemeat pie (Nana)
– Carrot [halwa][] (Karthik)

I’ve only got a few of these recipes online so far, but I hope to write up some of these in the next few days (since all of the recipes are gathered on the counter). I’ll cross-link to the recipes as I get them typed up.

[deviled eggs]:
[cider baked ham]:
[halwa]: “Wikipedia article on halwa (halva)”

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  1. Why S? says:

    Refrigerator space is always a challenge. But designing to accomodate 50? That’s just asking for it. As a former resident of the Sacramento area, I wish you a successful and happy day.

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