Another excellent meal from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”

Barb and I made an awesome dinner tonight (if I do say so myself)! We put our own spin on two recipes from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”: Suprêmes de volaille aux champignons (chicken breasts with mushrooms and cream) and gratin de chou frisé aux oignons (kale braised with onions). Nicely complementary, and even Caitlin loved it!

I’m not going to post the entire recipes, only our modifications. I’ve written before (and I’ll write it again) — if you’re even moderately interested in cooking, you *need* to buy a copy of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”! We got the two-volume hardback edition from Amazon for about $40 IIRC. Probably one of the best bargains *ever*.

Here are the changes Barb made to *Suprêmes de volaille aux champignons*, MAFC vol 1 pg 269:

– “at least four times” the mushrooms called for (Barb really likes cremini mushrooms, can you tell?)
– substitute lemon pepper for black pepper
– use garlic salt instead of plain salt
– add a bit of Tabasco sauce to taste

I made *Gratin de chou frisé aux oignons* based on the gratin d’épinards (spinach) recipe, MAFC vol 2 pg 360:

– obviously use kale instead of spinach
– added a dash or two of Tabasco with the salt and pepper

I didn’t take the time to cut the stems out of the kale, and this was a mistake. It didn’t taste bad, but the texture of the stems was a bit odd. Next time I’ll take a few minutes to trim the kale before blanching it.

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