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Wow, I had really let this blog fall by the wayside! 🙁

When I started the [30-day challenge][zero-to-hero] earlier this month, I knew one of the urgent things that needed to be done was a full update of the blog software, theme, and plug-ins. I finally got it done! WordPress is up-to-date, along with the [twentyten][] theme and all my active plug-ins. I also took this opportunity to delete old themes and plug-ins that are obsolete, stale, or unlikely to be used.

When I updated the twentyten theme, I was expecting to see a widget for images in my admin panel. After all, the Zero-to-Hero post links to an [image widget][] page which makes it seem like that’s a regular feature. Or maybe it’s only applicable to a [][] hosted site? Anyway, I wanted to add a zero-to-hero badge/widget, and since there doesn’t seem to be one built in I’m trying out [Image-widget][] and [Simple-image-widget][].

Some other plug-ins/features that I’d like to add are:

* additional spam protection ([Akismet][] is great, but I get too much comment spam to check for false positives — [Stop Spammers][] is looking good!)
* recipe support, maybe [Easy Recipe][]?
* the official [Facebook plugin][] and possibly [Simple Share Buttons][]
* [syntax highlighting][] (for source code)
* some “support” plugins such as [Jetpack][], [broken link checker][], and [GoogleMaps][]

I’ve uploaded all of those, but I still have to activate and test them, including making sure they don’t interfere with each other!

[image widget]:
[Stop Spammers]:
[Easy Recipe]:
[Facebook plugin]:
[Simple Share Buttons]:
[syntax highlighting]:
[broken link checker]:

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