iOS7, battery killer!

I finally upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS7 the other day, plugged in my charger that night, and started the day with a shiny new OS. But in less than an hour, my battery was dead. WTH?!?

In hindsight, I should have done some research before applying this upgrade. It turns on a *lot* of battery-draining features. The most helpful articles I’ve found so far are:

* [How to increase your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 7](
* [9 Ways To Improve iOS 7’s Battery Life](
* [Apple’s iPhone battery suggestions](

The [Ars Technica review of iOS7]( is another good resource, although it’s broader in scope, covering “old” iPhones running the new iOS.

New stuff in iOS7 that I love:

* [Control Center][] — A simple swipe-up on the phone gives me access to individually control all (?) my phone’s radios: cellular, wifi, and bluetooth. I have a couple of bluetooth accessories on my bicycle, so my morning and evening commutes are usually the only time I need to enable bluetooth. Super handy to be able to control it with just a swipe and a tap!
* Control Center (yes, it’s so awesome that it gets multiple entries!) — [Do Not Disturb][DND] now has a manual control, in addition to the scheduled DND setting. I think this will be useful during my infrequent trips to the movie theater. Instead of completely turning off my phone, I’ll turn on do-not-disturb and silence my ringer. This’ll let me receive calls from the (very few) people on my “emergency override” list during the movie.

[Control Center]:

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