Hacker Lab Facilitator

I’m one of the Makerspace Facilitators at [Hacker Lab][] in Sacramento.
Skills that I can teach/share there include:

* Safety!
* Woodworking — Carpentry, furniture making, and finishing.
* Electronics — DC, AC, and digital electronics, soldering, [Arduino][], and [Raspberry Pi][].
* Sewing — I can drive most sewing machines, but my experience is almost exclusively with quilt tops.
* Amateur/”ham” radio

One of the main benefits of being at Hacker Lab is being around like-minded folks.
I’m really looking forward to learning from my fellow Facilitators about:

1. Laser cutting
1. 3-D printing
1. Welding and metalworking

I’m not sure if anybody has experience with [XBee][]/ZigBee, but I’ll be exploring that too.

My plan is to keep this page updated as I master the skills I’m lacking.

[Hacker Lab]: http://hackerlab.org/
[Arduino]: http://arduino.cc/
[Raspberry Pi]: http://www.raspberrypi.org/
[XBee]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XBee

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