BoardGameGeek feature: session reports by gaming group

A few days ago I was browsing the ‘Geek when I found another cool feature: session reports by gaming group. There’s not much to this–it merely allows one to search the session report database by gaming group, but this simple addition to the feature list could be a great help to members of groups (such as the Sacramento Boardgames Meetup) who want to find session reports on BGG by and about members of their group.

There is some discussion among the session report authors in the boardgames meetup about the group name we should use. Since this is a freeform text field, and the group name must be a case-insensitive exact match, if we do not agree to a single name then the feature will be almost useless. Currently the two contenders are Sacramento Boardgames Meetup (no reports as of 2005-08-15, merits include being the official group name) and Sacramento Meetup (for brevity, “boardgames” being somewhat redundant on a site called BoardGameGeek).

Other groups of interest (to me) include:

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