Arden-Dimick gaming last night

The Sacramento Boardgames, Cardgames, & Miniatures Meetup Group held their second game night at the Arden-Dimick library last night. Turnout was a bit light, only eight people, probably because of the plethora of gaming opportunities available–four events in the past week plus three or four in the coming week. If only we had this “problem” more often!

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers box cover Star Munchkin box cover
Games played were Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers and Star Munchkin. I’ve been wanting to play the Munchkin card games for some time but had never had the opportunity before, so last night was my introduction to Steve Jackson’s silliness in the form of Star Munchkin. The game is almost absurdly simple–there is very little in the way of strategy, not a whole lot of thought required. Normally this would be the type of game I wouldn’t even think about playing. But the flavor text on the cards, and even some of the illustrations, are so hilarious that all the deficiencies of the game were summarily ignored. I don’t know what the “replay ability” of this game would be: the simplicity of the game would seem to detract from this, and the humor of the cards might eventually wear off, but there are a lot of cards in this game. Even the cards with duplicate text have unique and amusing illustrations, and it seemed to me that the players who were thoroughly familiar with the game got a kick out of all the new players’ reactions to the cards. I’ll have to play this a few times before I decide to buy it or not.

I didn’t play Carcassonne myself, but Kevin did. He posted a geeklist with a recap of the games, including details of the Carcassonne game.

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  1. Kevin E. says:

    Thanks for pointing your write-up out. For some reason, it didn’t create a
    link, but I was able to copy and paste.

    For me, the Munchkin games are kind of sillyness, but I’d much rather play a
    game with more to it.

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