Blacklisting with Spam Karma 2 now

When I originally set up my blog, I installed Farook’s WPBlacklist plugin to help combat blog spam. Then, a few days ago I installed Spam Karma 2 in order to take care of issues that were possibly being caused/exacerbated by WP-Gatekeeper. Today while perusing the management interface for SK2, I discovered that it handles blacklisting as well. I chose to let SK2 handle blacklisting and disabled WPBlacklist because:

  1. I want to use SK2 as my primary spam filter, and
  2. SK2 doesn’t require manual BL updating, as WPBlacklist does.

SK2 can even update the RBL when spammed.

This is turning out to be a pretty spiffy plugin! I get grim satisfaction from looking over the “recent spam harvest” and seeing the blocked attempts.

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