SK2 blocking multiple pingbacks?

Spam Karma 2 rocks! Have I said that already? Well, not in so few words…

But I just noticed something. I wrote a post last night with multiple references to my own blog–in this case, I refered to two other posts. The first reference correctly generated a pingback, but the second reference doesn’t seem to have been handled. SK2 didn’t log it as spam or a valid comment, and there is no pingback comment in the second post that I linked to. I’m going to disable SK2 for a minute while I post this article, to see if both pingbacks are done correctly, then I’ll contact dr Dave and let him know what I’ve found.

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3 Responses to SK2 blocking multiple pingbacks?

  1. jim says:

    Well, I guess this isn’t SK2’s problem. WordPress itself seems to be at fault.

    I deactivated SK2, posted this article, then checked for pingbacks. The first reference got one, while the second one didn’t. The links are correct, so it’s not a typo issue. Time to upgrade to WP 1.5.2 and start checking the wiki. 🙁

  2. dr Dave says:

    If I understand correctly, the issue is that no PB is showing at all (and doesn’t appear anywhere in SK2, not even in the ‘Spam Harvest’ section)?

    If so, this is unlikely due to SK2.

    WP has problems (and inconsistencies) of its own when handling TBs and PBs… It’s quite unreliable overall. SK2 could definitely catch TBs by mistakes, but one of the core feature of SK2 is that it always save the comment, no matter what. In fact, better than that: SK2 lets WP save the comment, then, if necessary, moderates it. That way I am fairly certain that in no way could it eat a comment/TB…

    You may want to drop a note in the WP forums about this, though…

  3. jim says:

    Yes, you’re correct dr Dave: nothing was in the ‘Spam Harvest’. But now, when I just went back to double-check, I found the missing comment, along with several other pingbacks. Perhaps WP is being a bit screwy as you suggest. Or possibly deactivating, then reactivating SK2 did something?

    I’m going to upgrade my WP tonight, and play do some more diagnostics.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by so quickly! 14 minutes, impressive.

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