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Google-powered pedometer

This is so cool! A Google-powered pedometer (or, in my case, a bike-o-meter). I can’t believe Joseph hasn’t blogged this already, since he’s the one who told me about this. Once you’ve arrived at the pedometer site, choose your country … Continue reading

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Gaming organizers’ meeting

Most (hopefully all) of the organizers of various Sacramento gaming groups, websites, et cetera, will be getting together for an organizational meeting on Sunday, the 11th at 5:30 PM. Our preferred meeting place, Fox & Goose, is closed on Sunday … Continue reading

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Release date for Harry Potter book #7

About three weeks ago, I got together with a few other Harry Potter fans to discuss the story. One of the topics that came up was the release date for the final book. Somebody (don’t remember who, sorry) said that … Continue reading

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