Gaming organizers’ meeting

Most (hopefully all) of the organizers of various Sacramento gaming groups, websites, et cetera, will be getting together for an organizational meeting on Sunday, the 11th at 5:30 PM. Our preferred meeting place, Fox & Goose, is closed on Sunday evening, so we’re trying to come up with a suitable “stand-in” venue. I’ll update and/or comment on this post when we settle on a meeting place.

FYI, this is a meeting, not a game event!

Organizers of gaming events or groups in the Sacramento area are invited to attend. Whether you host game nights at home, run a “real” game club, manage a gaming website, or are one of the Meetup co-organizers, we’d like to all get together to coordinate our efforts.

Topics of discussion: (“Agenda” sounds so formal…)

  1. ConQuest convention in Sacramento 2006
  2. Membership, i.e. Chicago vs Sacramento
  3. Calendar, scheduling–are we having “too many” events?
  4. Locations–can we schedule/post events outside Sacramento, e.g. Elk Grove, Davis, Roseville, etc?
  5. Interlinking Sacramento-area gaming websites
  6. Promoting the hobby/our groups–game store flyers, word of mouth, news coverage?
  7. New members–some prefer more structured introduction, some just like to dive in. We’re good at the latter, need to improve for the former.
  8. Recurring meetup events–designating “hosts” or who’s responsible for posting the event, collecting feedback, etc.
  9. Meetup “kitty”–the site is no longer free. I don’t mind paying for it for the time being, but I’d like to start collecting change from people willing to chip in. I guess this means treasury reporting. 🙁
  10. Other topics upon request, leave a comment on this entry.
  11. Gaming, if there’s time and inclination. 😉

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