Caitlin’s upcoming gym meets

Caitlin has two more gymnastic competitions this weekend and next. A few of her fans 😉 have been asking me for details, and I’ve been embarassing myself by forgetting where, when, etc. I’m posting the information here so I can just tell people to check the blog. I get the “good Dad” points, without needing to remember anything beyond my blog’s URL and my daughter’s name–“Just search the blog for Caitlin!”

The first meet is the 2005 River City Classic, tomorrow (2005-09-10), at Byer’s Gymnastics in south Sacramento. Caitlin’s group starts at about 17:30, and I’m guessing that they will finish by 20:00. (That’d be 5:30-8:00 PM for those who can’t handle 24-hour time.)

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The next meet is the Girls’ High-Tech Invitational at Technique Gymnastics on Sept 17-18, 2005. Caitlin is in session 5B, so she’ll be competing on Sunday, 2005-09-18 from about 12:30-17:00 (12:30-5:00 PM).

She also has an “away” meet October 29-30, 2005 in Vallejo at North Bay Athletic Association, but we don’t have details on that yet.

Caitlin’s hand is healed up, unlike her first meet, and hopefully she’ll get over her competition jitters. If nothing else, I think she’ll be more comfortable tomorrow competing in “her” gym.

Good luck, Caitlin!
Love, Dad.

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