Tigris & Euphrates, f2f and online

Tigris & Euphrates cover
Last month I stopped by Viking Hobby and bought myself a new boardgame, Tigris & Euphrates. I would have preferred to give the game a trial play at one of the Sacramento Boardgame Meetups, but I hadn’t seen anybody bring it. Since this is the highest rated game (after Puerto Rico) on BoardGameGeek I figured it was a pretty safe purchase anyway. I’ve played this game twice and been very pleased with it. It’s proven very popular at game nights, but sadly my family hasn’t been interested in playing at home. 🙁

Lucky for me, Simon invited me to play an online version of the game hosted by BoardGameGeek. I’m a few turns into my first PBEM game, and the mechanics seem perfectly faithful to the original board game. The only thing I don’t like about this implementation is the lack of socializing–I much prefer playing in person, especially at The Fox and Goose with some friends and a few pints! 😉 But in all honesty, there are some advantages to the online game: scheduling is a non-issue, since all the players don’t have to be “present” simultaneously; one can spend more time considering a play, since there’s no rush; and finally the game accurately tracks the score. (I often forget to collect points for monuments when I play. Doh!)

I see in this post that Nicholas enjoys Tigris & Euphrates. I hereby invite him (and any other readers) to join this game. The password is “sonicchicken”. You’ll need to know how to play already, as this isn’t a tutorial. If you’re not a BoardGameGeek member, just register (for free). Leave a comment here when you join so that I know when to start the game, as well as to see who’s playing.

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3 Responses to Tigris & Euphrates, f2f and online

  1. Nicholas says:

    I’m in — and this time I’m determined to come in at least third place!

  2. jim says:

    Kimbo joined the game last night, leaving one open seat. I invited Greg and Sean, so hopefully we’ll have a full table soon.

  3. Kevin E. says:

    I just joined, giving you a full table.

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