Samir’s ‘Steam’ theme available

A few months ago I installed Steam as one of my blog’s themes. I got an email from Eric S. Raymond yesterday asking for a copy of the theme, since the original author doesn’t seem to have it available any longer. I’m happy to oblige! The following files are available:

  1. Samir’s “as-released” Steam 1.5;
  2. A patch file which adds theme-switcher support to Steam 1.5;
  3. Steam 1.5.1, which is merely 1.5 with the above patch.

I figured that I might as well write up a little “how-to” as long as I was going through the effort of packaging this theme. This isn’t necessarily “best practices”, it’s just what I did and it seemed to work.

The patch was created per this article. The 1.5.1 theme was packaged using gnutar:
tar -czvf steam-1.5.1.tgz steam-1.5.1/*

To use this theme, download Steam 1.5.1 to your WordPress’ wp-content/themes directory. If your web browser doesn’t automatically extract the files, use gnutar:
tar -xzf steam-1.5.1.tgz
If you have Ryan’s wp_theme_switcher installed, activated, and your current theme supports it, you should be all set. Otherwise, go to your blog’s admin page then select “Presentation” then “Themes”, then select the theme you’d like to use, (presumably Steam 1.5.1).

Hope this helps!

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